500 vehicles on 20th SWEDEN OFFROAD TOUR 10-26.7 2015 setting a new record! Over 1800 pictures on Photos!

500 cars, ATVs and UTVs took part in 20th Sweden Offroad Tour July 10-26 2015! That is a new record!
After many years with totally 400 vehicles we made a 25 % increase this summer. The ultimate way to celebrate our 20 year anniversary. Now SOT has more participants than any other 4x4 event in Sweden, including classic meetings like Kättilstorp and Ränneslätt. And of course most offroad days - 17 SOT days!
Since the start in 1995 over 6500 vehicles from 20 countries have participated. 
For our daily report on SOT 2015 see News. 
1810 pictures from SOT 2015 is published on Photos.
21st Sweden Offroad Tour goes July 8-24 2016. Program and map will be published on this site December 1 2015.
The following text is for Sweden Offroad Tour 2015. 2016 will be similar but with 1-2 new offroad areas. 
17 offroad days - go on and off the tour whenever you want - no pre-registration

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  • 10-26.7 SWEDEN OFFROAD TOUR 2015
  • 10.7 SOT Hovdala-Hässleholm (no ATV)
  • 11.7 SOT Sågbacken-Hästveda (no ATV)
  • 12.7 SOT Paradise-Karlshamn (no ATV)
  • 13.7 SOT Boasjö-Karlskrona
  • 14.7 SOT Bergunda-Växjö 
  • 15.7 SOT Ökna-Vetlanda
  • 16.7 SOT Greppek-Oskarshamn
  • 17.7 SOT Olerum-Söderköping
  • 18.7 SOT Svanstta-Nyköping
  • 19.7 SOT Gröndal-Eskilstuna
  • 20.7 SOT Sandlycke-Strängnäs
  • 21.7 SOT Ekeby-Stockholm (no ATV)
  • 22.7 SOT Rörken-Uppsala
  • 23.7 SOT Ski slopes-Hofors
  • 24.7 SOT Aspnäs motor track-Säter
  • 25.7 SOT Brändåsen-Kumla
  • 26.7 SOT Motocross track-Dals-Ed
New offroad area is Rörken-Uppsala, with large and exciting terrain, near E4, north of Stockholm.
Former military offroad area Hovdala, south of Hässleholm, is back, but with a new area! Military offroad areas are always the best.
Paradise-Karlshamn in the south is back, Sweden's most beautiful private offroad area, a forest hill with leaf trees and huge granite slopes.
Sneak start in Hässleholm on Friday July 10.
New sponsor is Cooper Tires and their importer ProImp, http://www.coopertires.se
All offroad areas are now confirmed, there will be no changes. 
SOT 2015 offers totally 17 offroad days and areas on the tour. You can go on and of (and on again) the tour whenever you want. No pre-registration, pay on offroad site, come as you are.
SOT is mainly for standard 4x4 vehicles with low gear. You can manage at least 50 percent of the offroad areas with a stock 4x4, even with non-aggressive tires. But there are always more difficult areas and modified 4x4s are of course welcome. 
SOT is Sweden’s and one of the world’s greatest 4x4 adventures with totally about 400 cars and ATVs from a dozen countries, with an average of 50 vehicles per offroad day. Since the start in 1995 totally 6000 4x4 vehicles from 20 countries have participated.
Because SOT is on 17 different locations you can expect all kinds of terrain; endless forest trails, mud holes, beds of stones, slickrock, sand, grass, water, motocross tracks, ski slopes, etcetera. On most of the offroad areas you must stay on the trails, but they also offer free driving areas. There are small Sweden Offroad Tour-signs from the main roads to the offroad areas.
All areas, except Karlshamn ,serve food and drink. 

Program 2015

1. Friday July 10:

Hässleholm. Offroad: Hovdala, former military offroad area, 7 km south of Hässleholm, near Hovdala castle, 56° 6'44.9"N 13° 43'43.5"E (co-ordinates for where the SOT signs starts). No ATV. Camping: Luhrsjöbadens Camping, by lake Luhrsjön, 3 km south west of Hästveda, by road 23, 12 km north north east  Hässleholm,+46 (0)451-304 15. Hotel: Vita Hästen, +46 (0)725573495, www.vita-hasten.com

2. Saturday July 11:

Hästveda. Offroad: Sågbacken, 500 m south east of Hästveda, by east entrance to Hästveda, 12 km north east of Hässleholm, N 56° 16,718     E 13° 56,388 . No ATV. Large forest with trails, mud holes and free driving area. Partner: sagbacken.egetforum.se . Camping: Luhrsjöbadens Camping, by lake Luhrsjön, 3 km south west of Hästveda, +46 (0)451-304 15. Hotel: Vita Hästen, +46 (0)725573495, www.vita-hasten.com

3. Sunday July 12:

Karlshamn. Offroad: Paradise offroad area, by race track Hokabanan (Ö Hoka), 10 km north east of Karlshamn, just north of E22. Departure Karlshamn Ö, N 56°11'52.0   E 14°57'11.7. Beautiful forest hill with leaf trees, lots of trails, granite slopes and swamp. No food service. Camping: Kolleviks Camping, by the sea, 3 km south east of Karlshamn, +46 (0)454-192 80.

4. Monday July 13:

Karlskrona. Offroad: Blekinge Offroad Adventure Camp, Boasjö, between Alnaryd/Tving and Holmsjö, 30 km north west of Karlskrona, N 56° 24,452     E 15° 27,118 . Long forest trails with mud holes on a hillside down to a lake. Partner: blekingeoffroad.se. Camping: Skönstavik Camping, by the sea, by E22 departure no 63, Karlskrona V, +46 (0)455-237 00,

5. Tuesday July 14:

Växjö. Offroad: Bergunda, former I11 military area, 5 km south west of Växjö, turn off road 23 to Bergunda, pass through Bergunda southwards to Olovstorp where the club has its house and grill place, east of the road, N 56° 50.845', E 14° 45.023'. ALERT! Continue on the gravel road to the new parking area closer to the offroad area. Former large military offroad area with uncountable lots of forest trails and free driving area. Partner: vaxjooffroaders.se . Camping Evedal Camping, north Växjö, by lake Helgasjön, +46 (0)470-630 34.

6. Wednesday July 15:

Vetlanda. Offroad: Ökna, 25 km east of Vetlanda, north of road 127, N 57° 25,476     E 15° 26,456 . Large offroad area with lots of forest trails on a hillside. Partner: vetlandaatv.se Camping: Östanåbadets Camping south west of Vetlanda, +46 (0)383-171 77.

7. Thurs July 16:

Oskarshamn Offroad: Greppek, south of the city, by E22, departure E22 Oskarshamn S, cirka N 57° 14.784', E 16° 25.650'. Huge offroad area with free driving everywhere. Partner: solkustens-awd.se. Camping: Gunnarsö Camping, by the sea, just south of the centre, 0491-882 00.

8. Friday July 17:

Söderköping. Offroad: Olerum, 7 km south of Ö. Ryd, 15 km south west of Söderköping, N 58°21'25.9 E 16°15'41.3. Sweden's largest and most varied private offroad area; endless forest trails, open fields, granite mountain, mud holes, technical course. Partner: olerumoffroaders.nu. Camping: Skeppsdockans Camping, 1 km north of Söderköping, by E 22, +46 (0121-216 30.

9. Saturday July 18:

Nyköping. Offroad: Svansta Motorstadion (Motor Stadium), 1 km  from E4, departure 134, E4 east entrance to Nyköping (Pål Ljungs Hage), N 58° 46.780', E 17° 2.009'. Motor arena with free driving in forest plus long moto cross track. Partner: nykopingsms.se .Camping: Strandstuvikens Bad & Camping,  9 km south east of Nyköping, by the sea. Drive towards Centrum (Centre), then Hamnen (Harbour), then Arnö, then signs to Strandstuvikens Camping. +46(0)155 97 810.

10. Sunday July 19:

Eskilstuna. Offroad: Gröndal Motor Stadium, west north west of Eskilstuna, near crossing E20/road 56, E20 departure no 129, N 59 ° 25´ 3.12", E 16 ° 22´ 44.27". Motor arena with huge and varied terrain, trails and free driving. Partner: smk-sodermanland.se. Camping: Mälarbadens Camping, by lake Mälaren, 4 km north of Torshälla, north west of Eskilstuna, E20 departure 130, +46 (0)16-34 31 87.

11. Monday July 20:

Strängnäs. Offroad: Grundbro/Sandlycke, 10 km east of Strängnäs, by E20 departure 138 (Åkers Styckebruk), N 59° 17.887', E 17° 5.965'. 2 kilometres long open power line with free driving plus forest trails. Partner: smac.nu. Camping: Löts Camping, by lake Mälaren, east of Strängnäs, +46 (0)152-252 37.

12. Tuesday July 21:

Stockholm. Offroad: Ekeby gravel pit, 30 km south of Stockholm by road 73, N 59° 4.789', E 18° 2.295'. No ATV. Huge gravel pit with slick granite mountain, forest trails, technical course, mud holes. Partner: smac.nu. Camping: Östnora Camping, by  the sea, by road 73, 2 km south of Ekeby gravel pit, +46 (0)8-500 400 16.

13. Wednesday July 22:

Uppsala. Offroad: Rörken, Uppsala MK motor stadium, 6 km north east of Uppsala, by road 288 on north side. N 59°55'30.2 E 17°45'10.8. Huge offroad forest area. Safety rules: There will be a technical safety inspection of participating vehicles. Cars must have tin roof or roll cage. Open cars or only roll bar are not allowed. ATV drivers must have flag pole on vehicle, helmet and back protection, no passenger on ATV. For technical rules in Swedish see: http://smkuppsala.se/offroad/rorken/tekniska-regler-for-bilkorning-pa-rorken
Due to maximum insurance the price for driving at SOT Rörken-Uppsala is higher than normal. We have lowered the fee to 200 SEK and extended the driving time with 4 hours to 8 PM to compensate for this. Car: Fee: 200 SEK + Insurance 150 SEK = 350 SEK. ATV: Fee: 200 SEK + Insurance 300 SEK = 500 SEK. If participants want there will be a grill buffe in the evening. Partner: smkuppsala.se . Camping: Fyrishov Camping, in north Uppsala, +46 (0)18-727 49 50.

14. Thursday July 23:

Hofors. Offroad: the ski slopes, 2 km east of Hofors, by road 80, N 60 33' 40.00"  E 16 19 ' 55.00". Böle industrial offroad area in the afternoon,  N 60 31' 32.72"  E 16 19 ' 06.49"). Long grass ski slopes with spectacular view plus long trail. The local clubs own offroad area at Böle with lots av mud holes in the afternoon. Partner: gestrikeoffroad.com . Camping: Edsken Camping, by lake Edsken, south of road 80, 1 km west of Hofors, +46 (0)290-220 43.

15. Friday July 24:

Säter. Offroad: Aspnäsbanan motor track, 3 km west of Säter, N 60° 20.395', E 15° 40.056'. Motor arena with free driving everywhere: forest trails, huge swamp, moto cross tracks. Partner: satersmk.se . Camping: Säters Camping, by lake Ljustern, south of Säter, +46 (0)225-509 45

16. Saturday July 25:

Kumla. Offroad: Brändåsen, departure 106 at crossing E20/road 50, south of Kumla/Örebro, N 59º 4' 21.95"    E 15º 1' 21.49". Forest trails, open fields, mud race track, technical obstacles., Partner: offroad-trailer.com. Camping: Djupadalsbadets Camping, east Kumla, +46 (0)19-58 86 83.

17. Sunday July 26:

Dals-Ed. Offroad: Moto cross track, 5 km south west of Ed, just south of road 164,  N 58° 52.376', E 11° 50.505'.  Long and winding moto cross track with surrounding terrain för free driving, mud holes, slick granite. Partner: neor.com. Camping: Gröne Backe Camping, by lake Lilla Le, south of Ed, 046 (0)534-10144.

Time schedules:

Offroad day at offroad area: Registration/payment 9-10 am. Start/info/lottery 10 am. End 4 pm. 


The Sweden Offroad Tour fee is 300 Swedish crowns (SEK) or 35 Euro per car/atv per offroad day. There is no fee for passengers. The fee must be paid and the registration must be made to the secretary at the offroad area, before offroad driving on the offroad day. The fee includes offroad driving, decal, diploma and lottery.


No pre-registration! Registration and payment must be done between 9-10 am on the offroad day to the secretary at the offroad area. A special Sweden Offroad Tour decal with a start number will be attached to the registered vehicle.


Friday July 10 - Sunday July 26 2015. The tour sneak starts already on Friday July 10 in Hässleholm.

Time schedules:

Registration on offroad days is between 9-10 am at the secretary on the offroad area. Offroad activities starts 10 am and ends 4 pm. Be in time! But it's never to late to have fun on SOT!


Around the southern half of Sweden. A sufficient map is also needed. Private offroad areas at; Hässleholm (Hovdala), Hästveda (Sågbacken), Karlshamn (Paradise), Karlskrona (Boasjö), Vetlanda (Ökna), Oskarshamn (Greppek), Söderköping (Olerum), Nyköping (Motor Stadium), Eskilstuna (Gröndal Motor Stadium), Strängnäs (Sandlycke), Stockholm (Ekeby),  Uppsala (Rörken), Hofors (ski slopes area), Säter (Aspnäsbanan motor track), Kumla (Brändåsen), Dals-Ed (moto cross track).

Offroad days:

Offroad days will be held at private offroad areas. Offroad activities starts at 10 am and ends at 4 pm. Free driving during the day. The terrain is generally easy, but there are voluntary difficult parts. There will be small Sweden Offroad Tour-signs to the offroad areas from the main road. A secretary car for registration between 9-10 am is located on the offroad area. There is no fuel, water, washing or air-pumping service, but petrol stations nearby.

Travel route:

Participants are supposed to drive individually or in groups on tarmac roads along the recommended route to the next camping/offroad area. Most cars prefer to leave at 4 pm, after the offroad driving, and go straight to the next camping about 100-300 kilometres away.

Sweden Offroad Tour Diploma

Every participant will recieve a Sweden Offroad Tour diploma.


swedenoffroad.com in association with Swedish Automobile Sports Federation and local offroad clubs.


Cooper Tyres, ProImp, Warn, Rindab, Traktor Power, ATV-QUAD, motor-life.com, LNTV.se.


All brands of 4x4 cars and pickups and ATVs (not QUAD) with a maximun weight of 5 tons are welcome. The cars must be: 4x4, terrain capable, insured. ATV drivers must wear helmet. Flag pole and back protection are recommended.


Cars and ATVs ought to carry a full tank of fuel at the start of the offroad days. Sweden Offroad Tour is generally following the main roads with lots of petrol stations.


There are recommended commercial camping with small cabins near the offroad area. Pre-booking is recommended for cabins only - not for tents! - some campings do not opens until May 15.


Participants must arrange their own food and drink. But a fast food stand will be available on the offroad area, except for Karlshamn. There are often kiosks at the camping and restaurants nearby.


Driving in terrain is forbidden in Sweden since 1975. Drive only on designated offroad areas and trails. Absolutely no littering or polluting. Beware of elks and deers on the roads. Beware of fire danger, smoke with caution. Alcohol is forbidden on offroad areas. The organizers take no responsibility for any damage to cars or participants nor for damage caused by participants towards each other or third parties. The organizers reserve the rights to alter the programme. Have fun!